Mobile phones are not mean to be used underwater.

January 19, 2019 0 Comment

A Short Guide to Waterproof Phone Bag


It is not designed to be submerged. Water can cause serious damage and when you get your phone wet, you should address this the soonest time possible. However, there is this saying that prevention is better than cure. Most of the time it applies to your health, but if you think about it, why risk damage when there is something you can do keep your phone from getting wet.



How to keep your phone from getting wet:


  • Avoid bringing it to the bathroom when you wash your face or shower.
  • Avoid placing near water sources such as the faucet in the bathroom or the kitchen.
  • Avoid leaving your mobile phone on the kitchen counter where any type of liquid can splash on it.
  • If you are going somewhere like the beach, the lake, or the river it is best to place your phone inside a waterproof phone bag.


The waterproof phone bag can be the answer to your “I don’t want to get my phone wet” worries, but you must keep in mind that not all waterproof phone bags are 100% waterproof. Why is this so? That is because some waterproof bags are knock-offs and do not provide 100% protection from water.


Here are some features to consider when buying a waterproof phone bag:


  • Bear in mind the size of your phone. Getting a waterproof phone bag that is too small for your mobile phone will defeat the purpose because you will end up not being able to close the bag securely.
  • Make sure that it is made of durable waterproof material. One fine example is vinyl. It is durable and can withstand constant wear and tear.
  • To be able to keep your phone dry even underwater, your waterproof phone bag must have a waterproof seal or closure. To be on the safe side, go for those with ziplock type closure.


Mobile phones do not come cheap. If you are into traveling and underwater activities then a waterproof bag for your phone is a must-have.