Well for some, they do videos or reactions just for the fun of it.

January 28, 2019 0 Comment

Iisuperwoman: Making Money With Videos

Ever wonder why there are a lot of people that are creating their channels online and doing some reactions or videos in general?  However, there are other people and personalities that are doing this professionally.

When we say professional, we don’t mean how they edit their videos but that they are actually getting paid to do this. It seems like a dream job right? The more popular you get, the more money you will start getting. Seems like a dream come true for others.



How do they do it?

The concept is simple. The more followers our subscribers you have, the easier it will be for you to score endorsement and sponsorship deals. Basically, you only need is to promote their products and make sure that people see these products.


What about personalities like Lilly Singh? She rarely promotes anything compared to others. Well, promoting is not the only means to make money off these videos. Another great way to earn would be selling ad spaces and integrating them on your said videos. Ever had those instances wherein you are watching a video and an advertisement suddenly pops up? Those are paid.

Why do they need a lot of subscribers or followers?

Most of these ads are paid per 1000 impressions. What is an impression? Another term would be an eyeball. The moment one person sees that ad, which is considered as one impression. Depending on your deal, this actually would earn you a lot of money.


That is the reason that they need a lot of followers and a lot of views on those videos. The more views that they get on those videos, the more money they would earn. Now, imagine there would be a viral video with millions of views, how much do you think they would earn?